New procedural laws in Hungary

By | Monday January 15th, 2018

Jurists are facing several important changes in Hungarian law as of January 1, 2018. After more than 60 years a new Code of Civil Procedure enters into force (Act CXXX of 2016). Administrative procedures will also be regulated by new laws: the procedures before the administrative bodies will run pursuant to the Code of Administrative Procedure (Act CL of 2016), while the new rules relating to the judicial revision of the administrative decisions are provided by a separate act (Act I of 2017). Arbitration procedures have a new legal framework, too (Act LX of 2017) and there is a new Code of Private International Law (Act XXVIII of 2017). The former rules concerning the lawyers’ activities were also replaced by a new law, Act LXXVIII of 2017. The new codes are completed by many further application
and execution laws and decrees.