An economist’s way of thinking is declining from that of a lawyer. Also, continental law instruments handle case-law structures differently. If it would not be enough, each investor brings its own language, particular decision making structure and business culture into a transaction. When all the above needs to be wrapped around by a comprehensive contractual documentation, it is our time. Our straight forward and all-around legal thinking – beyond its effective risk mitigating nature – may bring solutions to all these demands.



Each transaction has a post-closing life. This post-closing life is the “ultima ratio” of the investment. It is more important therefore then the initial step-in to the market for an investor. No legal structure can neglect this post-closing phase or if it does so, it simply makes the initial phase instable. A solution can only be the good if it takes into account all phases of the investment, and stands the test of times.



No transaction is the same. If no transaction is the same, no legal advice can be the same. Each transaction requires particular attention, routine procedures does not work. Attention means first carefully listening and understanding our Client. Then it means dedicated legal team to be assembled as required by the needs of that particular transaction. Lastly it means devotion: each transaction will be taken and handled as ours in order to meet the highest professional standards in terms of both written and oral advices.



Transaction budgets have been transferred from mother companies to local subsidiaries in the last decade. The market became highly cost sensitive, and international legal fees are rarely affordable even for regional transactions. At Molnár és Erdei we make sure that, before starting any sort of work, we set up the terms and conditions of our collaboration together with our Clients by taking the above into account. We strongly believe in that doing so we are able to avoid redundant, costly and ineffective legal work, from day number one of any mandates.