• Change of the main offices of the Firm
    As of February 1, 2019 the main offices of the Firm were transferred to the following address: 1118 Budapest, Villányi út 47. This is for the completion of the physical integration of the Firm to the Association of Lawyers Kende, Molnár-Bíró, Katona (, of which the Firm has already been a member since three years. […]
  • Success of Parlex cooperation
    The Braunschweig Appeal Court (Oberlandesgericht Braunschweig), acting on second instance confirmed the decision of the first instance court in which the court found justified the action of the plaintiff claiming for the payment of the purchase price. In the case the courts had to apply the Vienna Convention on international sale of goods (CISG) and – among others – had to analyse the […]